J O S E P H   D E A N ​​


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1 Month

Includes all  services below for a total of 4 weeks. For those who need a quick​​​​​ jump start.




3 Months

Includes all services below for a total of 12 weeks. For those who want to see ​​​​​​solid results and develop good habits.




6 Months

Includes all services below for a total of 24 weeks. Highly recommended to those who want to ensure ​long-lasting results.


Each package above contains these individually tailored services.

Complimentary Consultation

Workout Programming

Cutting Meal Plan

Bulking Meal Plan

Personalized workouts given to you weekly, based on, your goals, experience level, and your rate of progression. ​​​​​Weekly Service. 
Nutritional and supplement guidance for the purpose of shedding fat and improving your muscle tone.
Weekly Service. 
Nutritional and supplement guidance geared towards packing on muscle as quickly and efficient as possible.
Weekly Service. 

Skype Sessions


Daily Text Support

One on One time with myself, to discuss your goals and a variety of other topics pertaining to your success.
Weekly Service. 
Using your feedback, I will adjust your program on a weekly basis to ensure that you don't hit a plateau with your developement.
You and I will maintain consistent communication to ensure accountability and motivation.